Janey Butler

Janey is the Design Director and heads the team at Janey Butler HQ. Janey’s passion is designing and creating beautiful properties and interiors.

She has a wealth of experience in dealing with luxury, high end residential projects and fulfilling the expectations and exacting standards of discerning clientele. Her signature style has evolved as she has travelled around Europe and the rest of the world sourcing amazing new suppliers, designers and craftsmen.

Her travels are always an opportunity to explore beautiful cities, architecture and design and to be inspired, which is then reflected in her design concepts. Her approach to design is always respectful to the existing character and surroundings of the project, whilst creating something new and unique. This love of natural surroundings means Janey is also happy out in the countryside and in her beloved garden. Nature is always a great influence to her when designing and natural colours, textures and woods are evident in her interiors schemes.