Riva 1920 Reveal 2019 Outdoor Collection

Llama Group & Janey Butler Interiors are the UK authorised re-seller for Riva 1920, who specialise in the production of classically styled solid wood furniture. Their meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout their designs, selecting only the finest solid wood. The team was delighted to hear that the luxury furniture brand had released a natural outdoor collection for 2019.

"For some years now we have been working on the project of producing furniture defying time and respecting the environment" says Riva. The Italian furniture firm has been known to reuse wood, such as the thousand-year-old Kauri from New Zealand, Broccoli of Venice and the scented cedar from Lebanon. Each piece is made from sustainable materials, uses vinyl glues and is finished with oil and natural wax.

The 2019 outdoor furniture collection comprises of covetable curved cedar pieces that age beautifully and change into a dove-grey colour as time passes. The Lombardy based brand obtains Cedars which have fallen in the wake of natural catastrophes such as mudslides, landslides and gales or which have been felled routinely for safety reasons.

The unpretentious collection allows nature's blemishes to become part of the design, and the pieces are "made of solid wood and are completely natural and hand-finished, without other treatments; further movements, cracks or changing of the wood are unique characteristics of the furniture and are due to the natural settlement and to the different environmental conditions." said the Italian family-owned business.

For some years now we have been working on the project of producing furniture defying time and respecting the environment.


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