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Cotswold Manor Estate Barn

We have just handed this fabulous project over to our delighted clients. Set deep within the heart of the Cotswolds, we wanted the whole property to carry a consistent design throughout which connected the spaces of the large Estate better, whilst delivering a timeless and authentic look that would suit the Barn and Cotswolds perfectly.

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MVHR in Homes

Over the last few decades homes have become much more energy efficient due to the increased standards for insulation and air tightness, with modern homes more than twice as air tight as they used to be.

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Material Series: Zinc

Zinc is a high quality metal which is lightweight, strong and incredibly malleable. It has become a popular choice in the architecture industry to use as a roofing material as well as in façade applications, even finding its way inside homes for Kitchen surfaces.

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Rainwater Harvesting

The UK Climate Change Act 2008 has set a target to reduce UK emissions by at least 80% by 2050. One of the sustainable ways these targets can be met is by promoting water saving devices, to help with the pressures on the UK’s water resources.

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Purchasing from Llama Group

At Llama Group we are always sourcing and designing new architectural products into our projects. From sliding aluminium doors and oak porches to crittall doors and beautiful staircases. Whether you are looking for individual elements or a whole project design, our friendly design team are able to give you guidance on the specifics.

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