Cria Construction

Cria Construction is the Construction Division of the Llama Group, constructing all of the projects that Llama Architects and JBI design and create.


Our Founders have been designing and building their own Projects for more than 25 years and will always be an intrinsic element of what they do. This gives a unique benefit to our clients as along with the dozens of projects we have designed and built over the years, all this experience in controlling, costing, managing and delivering complex, large scale projects is built on and passed on to all our clients.


We have a large team both in the office and also on the ground to accurately deliver the complex, ground breaking and Internationally Award Winning Projects. From Projects Managers & Operational Directors, Heads of Construction, Teams of Quantity Surveyors, Individual Project Managers on every Project, as well as every trade required on site to deliver all our projects, on budget and on time.