The Story of a Project & Collaboration

Planning & Architectural Design:

Llama Architects has its own in-house Specialist Planning Consultant, working hand in hand with our team of Architects from the outset of all our projects. This ensure that we not only maximize the planning potential of any site, but also ensures the smoothest and most time / cost efficient process by which we apply and obtain the planning permission we require.

Surveying & Construction:

Projects dependent, we carry out a number of engineering tests, including soil, existing foundations as well as any existing construction/load tests that might be required. Ours RICS surveyors work hand in hand with our architectural teams, structural engineers and the Directors of Cria Construction.

In the case of the design process, a complete and comprehensive set of drawings and specifications are prepared and fully costed for client approval and sign-off following approval by all statutory authorities.

Llama Architects:

All of the multi-national Architects and Designers that work for Llama Architects and Janey Butler Interiors produce beautiful, detailed hand-drawn sketches to present to a variety of possible concepts to our clients, giving them a full understanding of all the possible options and designs that as a design group we can produce for them.

We feel that beautiful design must be handmade and crafted. The connection between hand, pen and paper maintains the close connection between designer and finished product, a hallmark of all we produce within the Llama Group.

Janey Butler Interiors:

As the Architectural scheme is being developed by Llama Architects, our Group Design Director, is working under the overall direction of Andy & Janey Butler.

They are also co-ordinating the Architects and Designers within Janey Butler Interiors so that the interior scheme is being developed and designed hand in hand. As the architecture and interiors develop, one feeds and inspires the other in an ever turning, evolving circle.

Llama Automation, our own in-house audio-visual company, also works with the design team from an early stage, so that this is carefully and stylistically incorporated into the design / build programme also.

Cria Construction:

Having been part of the whole architectural, engineering and interior design phase of the project from the outset, the project then moves into the production phase once all designs and permissions have been finalised and secured.

Our Projects Director, working hand in hand with our Construction Executives, Surveyors and Group Design Director then start the process of construction/alteration, before moving into the final interior design and landscaping phases.

With many interior items taking months to be made and produced, all these factors and time-lines are incorporated into the projects overall time line. All items are ordered and specified by our logistics team and delivered to our warehouse in time to be checked and signed off ready for our final installation. Finally, the project is then beautifully styled & professionally photographed before handing over to our clients.