Lakeview House - Phase 3

  • Awards:
  • Best Interior Design Private Residence North West at the International Property Awards 2020-21

The final phase of this incredible project sees us build a large 5000 sqft extension (The Boathouse) with an impressive 20m indoor/outdoor lap pool. Extensive landscaping over the entire 5 acre site by our Chelsea gold medal winning landscape designer will also take place.

The final stage of this monumental project for us at the Llama Group & Janey Butler Interiors, alone lasting over 18 months, will see the completion of this Cheshire mansion. The indoor pool and spa will be fully renovated, second fully self-contained annex completed over the existing car showroom, large ‘Boathouse’ created over 3 floors, a further car showroom for our clients' large collection, an extension of the existing spa (which is to be fully renovated also) giving access to a stunning indoor/outdoor 20m lap pool with a custom hot tub which offers views over the lake. The space will also feature a large storage area with facilities for the maintenance of this large manor house and the implementation of a large 5 acre landscape design by our award winning Landscape Designers. This is a huge project in itself and forms Phase III of a development that we’ve worked on for several years now. This will take the overall mansion to over 20,000 sqft and the largest and most complex project we’ve currently undertaken at the Llama Group.

The property will eventually have a complete new stone entrance & driveway, leading you through several acres of woodland to a landscaped area with a large natural style carp pond and rows of 6m Hornbeam trees which we are importing from Europe. The house is spread over 4 floors, with 7 bedroom en-suites, including 2 fully self-contained annex’s. The leisure suite is very large, with an extensive main gym, indoor pool, changing rooms, custom sauna & steam rooms, relaxation areas, additional 20m indoor/outdoor infinity pool overlooking the lake at the rear of the property, custom made outdoor hot tub, 2 large car showrooms to house 10 show cars, as well as additional parking and fully landscaped rear garden with outside eating areas, fire pits, feature pools and tennis courts.

Properties like this are a huge privilege to design and work on, and due to the size of this, the relationship we have with the project and our client becomes as close and personal as is possible. Only feeling as we do and working this way can we create something that leaves anyone in awe when they see it, as every room and direction you turn reveals another view that amazes anyone who is lucky enough to see it.

  • Location: Cheshire