Pine View House

This is an exciting, very modern project we are currently designing within the Llama Design Group. As with all our projects, Llama Architects and Janey Butler Interiors are working hand-in-hand and side-by-side in creating not only a striking modern extension, but working with our own Landscape Architects and Interior Designers to ensure the garden design is seamlessly integrated into the interior design.

This is always vital in all our projects but perhaps especially when we are using large sections of Sky-Frame Glazing, as this allows us to have a near frameless, opening wall of glass, allowing the outside garden to truly become part of the Interior Design and Layout.

Detailed Landscape Design has been critical to maximise the overall design, incorporating internal/external water features as well as sunken seating areas so that when our clients are entertaining, the complete Sky-Frame section can open, creating a true inside/outside living space, as floors and ceilings flow seamlessly from inside to outside.

  • Location: Formby